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  • Can we bring our pet dog(s)?
    We are a dog free campsite, with the exception of guide dogs of course.
  • How do you pronounce MWNT?
    Basically, it's "Moont". In Welsh, the letter w is pronounced like 'ew' is in English. Mwnt means 'mount' referrring in this case to the mountain shaped landscape next to Mwnt beach.
  • Is there phone signal?
    Yes, there is pretty good 4g cellphone signal connection in the camping field.
  • Is there WiFi on the campsite?
    No. Be brave, turn mobile internet off too. Try a whole day!
  • Is there somewhere to charge phones?
    Yes! There are a few usb outlets in the camp kitchen area.
  • Do we have electrical hookups on pitches?
    No, it's more of a get away from electric and gadgets vibe here.
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