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The Campsite

Mwnt Camping offers simple relaxed camping in a natural setting. We have kept the number of pitches low so everyone can have space and peace without feeling crowded in and burdened by rules and regulations about everything. There are panoramic views across the countryside stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Preseli Hills.


We are transforming the field, into a forest garden and wildlife meadow. You will be surrounded by hundreds of little tree saplings that we have spent the winter planting. Feel free to talk to them and encourage them to grow, and please try your best not to stumble over them in the dark.


Seven large pitches are available in the meadow. Each one has a dedicated campfire area.


Each pitch is around 10 to 12 metres in diameter, some a little less and one much larger, for bigger groups; as time goes by we will add more details of each pitch to the website.


We don’t charge extra for bits and pieces like awnings; if it fits on your pitch, you are free to place it there (please check with us if your structure is any bigger than 6 meters in any dimension).


Apart from campervans which will be sited on the most suitable pitches, as long as the weather has been kind, you may drop off your tents and camping equipment. Cars are kept in the lower meadow parking area during your stay. This will keep traffic circulation to a minimum and make for a safer and more peaceful stay for everyone.

Bell Tent Glamping

The bell tent has a bed and various bits and bobs so that you can just turn up and chill. Click through to get the low down on the setup and what is included.

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