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The Eco Camping Club

Short Version:


Since December 2023, Mwnt Camping has become a campsite operating within the Eco Camping Club (also established by the founders of Mwnt Camping). We are recognised by the Welsh Government as an organisation that promotes outdoor leisure.


When you stay at Mwnt Camping, you will need to be a member of the Eco Camping Club, but don’t worry it’s free! We used to have to charge campers £12 a year when we were part of a different camping club. We’d prefer to make camping more affordable for visitors and felt that the membership fees we were collecting were not offering good enough value to campers, so the Eco Camping Club was brought into existence!


Oh, one other thing – if you are thinking of setting up your own campsite, we may be able to assist you and even grant you an exemption status, if you wanted to run an Eco Camping Club affiliated site, email us for details.

Long Version if you want to know a bit more about the club constitution:


Purpose of the Eco Camping Club:


The Eco Camping club is focused on our members and enabling ecologically sustainable camping as a means of recreation:

To meet the needs of visitors who are concerned about the impact that their leisure and recreational activities might have on the environment.


To promote a model of camping that is sustainable with a focus on land management, recycling and rehabilitation of poorly managed farmland.


To educate and empower people on the benefits and possibilities of living a more self-sufficient life, with tours of our own organic food growing methods etc.


To inspire people to make changes to their own lifestyle in enjoyable ways once back at home (by demonstrating our gardening methods, rewilding, natural composting etc).


To encourage visitors to try our produce and experience the quality of home-grown food, with much lower carbon footprint that supermarket shopping.


Club Aims


To promote the experience of affordable, ecologically sustainable, recreational camping.


To enable people from all backgrounds to develop a deeper understanding of, and interest in, nature, wildlife & organic growing of food.


To connect with other landowners who have an interest in creating sustainable campsites, facilitating sustainable and harmonious camping and related recreational activities.


To promote sustainable recreational activities which improve health and welfare, both mentally and physically; enabling people to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible.


To encourage people from all backgrounds towards understanding and respect for the natural environment.



Organisational Objectives


To develop a viable organisation which is business-like, conscientious and responsible in all its endeavours and undertakings.


To encourage and support innovation in the field of sustainable development within the camping sector and allied organisations throughout the UK.


To enable rural landowners, occupiers, stakeholders and entrepreneurs to create new ecologically sound recreational campsites and to enhance existing facilities.


To research and apply for grant funding and / or to form partnerships or enter into business arrangements for the pursuit of the objectives of The Club and to grow and improve the same.


To support and work with other similar recreational and related organisations or businesses whose objectives and aspirations are aligned to those of The Club.





Club Membership (referred to as Household Membership) shall be available to any person regardless of sex, gender, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or other beliefs.


As we are promoting outdoor leisure at the most affordable price, we will not charge a fee for membership, for as long as we can afford to do so.


Where approved, Membership shall apply to a registered household address and all persons normally resident within that address. The initial applicant shall be considered the primary member (for contact purposes) but for the avoidance of doubt anyone living at the same address shall be considered a Club Member.


On application to join The Club, members will agree to accept the terms of this Constitution and any regulations imposed thereby, and to abide by the Codes of Conduct that The Club has adopted and published as well as observing the campsite regulations during visits.




Click below to download a copy of our exempted organisation status awarded to us by the Welsh Government.

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