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Winter Camping in West Wales

Looking for somewhere to stay in West Wales when everyone else is closed for the winter? Read on...

We are offering a limited services winter camping option, mainly thinking campervan owners might make use of this... You could camp in a tent, but it's pretty wild here when the wind blows in winter!

We can't keep the bathrooms open all winter, as the pipes would freeze, so we have to drain down all of that (not my favourite job, very fiddly).

But, we can offer the use of a compost loo with hand sanitiser as well as provide drinking water. We can supply you fresh organic eggs from our ducks and chickens, as well as fresh organic veg from the polytunnel; there's always something ready to eat, even in the depths of winter. Kale lovers sign up here!

The rates will be the same as the rest of the year; I know there are less facilities on offer, but basically we do still need to commit to being here to look after the site and make sure it is ready for your visits.


Keeping the campsite interesting over the winter - building a willow circle...

Click through for details and booking...

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