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Camping Pitches

Eight large pitches are available in the meadow. Each one has a dedicated campfire area.


We don't have the facilities or terrain to cater for large vans , caravans or motorhomes. Our meadow, with its grassy paths, simply isn't suitable for large vehicles and all our pitches are grassed,  with no hard-standings.

We prefer to keep most of the pitches for campers with tents, and therefore we have decided to limit the numbers of small campervans on site at any time to just a few.


Each pitch is at least 12m by 12m in size, as time goes by we will add more details of each pitch to the website.


We don’t charge extra for bits and pieces like awnings; if it fits on your pitch, you are free to place it there (please check with us if your structure is any bigger than 6 meters in any dimension).

Apart from campervans which will be sited on the most suitable pitches, as long as the weather has been kind, you may drive  to your pitch to drop off your gear. If  conditions aren't good enough to take your car, we will help you transport your stuff.


After this we ask you to keep cars  in the lower meadow parking area during your stay. This will keep traffic circulation to a minimum and make for a safer and more peaceful stay for everyone.


Ready to come and have a great time here?

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